Information for Upgrading the Shoutbox

For information about upgrading between shoutbox versions see Upgrading the shoutbox.

Rendering of Posts in Shoutbox 3.0 and higher doesn't seem like a normal Joomla template file

With the introduction of AJAX posts into shoutbox 3.x the way that posts were rendered needed to change. Posts are now rendered using the default_message file. Note this is NOT quite the same as a regular Joomla subtemplate. In here you can render special things by including them in curely bracers (e.g. {USER}). The special things are:

  1. TITLE: The title of the shout (with appropriate bbcode, ip details and smiley's added as per the parameters).
  2. USER: The user who made the shout (with an appropriate profile link depending on the parameters).
  3. DATE: The date the shout was made on (displayed in the format from the parameters.
  4. POSTID: The unique shout id.
  5. MESSAGE: The message of the shout (with appropriate bbcode and smiley's added as per the parameters).

Note in the file itself the shout being rendered is also available as $shout if you want to do more than just what the parameters allow.

Template overrides of this file are completely possible and can be performed as usual (but with the data above)

What versions of PHP and MySQL does the Shoutbox support?

PHP 5.3.10+

MySQL 5.1.66+

I submit a shout but it doesn't show?

First of all, ensure you're using the recommended PHP and MySQL versions as given on the download page (PHP 5.3.10 or higher and MySQL 5.1.66 or higher). Also ensure you're running the latest version of Joomla and the latest version of the Shoutbox.

Check the database table #__shoutbox to see if your shout has actually been stored.

Next, open up your browser console by pressing F12, and on the console tab, check for any errors that occur. If you get any errors related to the shoutbox, please ensure you have cleared your Joomla cache.

With the browser console still open, click on the "Network" tab. once done, attempt to submit a shout. You will see 2 new network task appear at the bottom of the list. The first one being the submit task. Open it, then click on the "Response" tab and this may indicate some error.

There have sometimes been instances where the $live_site variable in the configuration.php having a value has prevented a shout from being submitted. Please try removing the value if it exists.

We've done our best to prevent conflicts with other extensions, but 3rd party developers sometimes do not adhere to Joomla coding standards, an example would be importing their own version of jQuery, therefore resulting in 2 jQuery libraries being loaded on your page which can cause conflicts. Therefore please inspect the source of your page to check if there is more than one jQuery library being loaded.

Lastly, if you created a template or layout override for a previous version and have updated the Shoutbox, please remove the override and re-create it.

If none of the above work, please ask on the forum.

Too many resources are being used on my server

The Shoutbox is Ajax driven. It does not use websockets for a live feed, therefore each time you submit, delete, edit, update, 'thumbs-up' a shout or the Shoutbox refreshed, this submits a request to the server.

Some hosting providers limit the amount of requests allowed per hour, day, etc. If you noticed too many resources are being used due to the Shoutbox, you can do any of the following:

  • Increase the value of the Auto refresh parameter. (Default is 10)
  • Disable the Can edit own shout? parameter
  • Disable the Can delete own shout? parameter
  • Don't allow guests to submit shouts
  • Disable the Shout history parameter
  • If guests are allowed to submit shouts, keeping the Auto refresh for guests enabled could be extremely resource heavy. Ensure you have this disabled.

I'm getting spam on the shoutbox

The Shoutbox has 2 spam preventions features, a simple math question which is drawn to a canvas using Javascript and ReCaptcha(v2).

To prevent spam, disabling the Shoutbox for guests would be a good place to start, but if you require the Shoutbox for public use, then please enable one of the spam prevention features (we suggest ReCaptcha).

If you're being spammed by a specific user, the Pro version of the Shoutbox has an IP ban feature which will come in handy.


Translations for this module are always gratefully received - you can submit these to our email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or via the forum. We will always give appropriate credit to submitted translations.

Beta versions (testing and bug reporting)

When a major update or feature is due to be rolled out, we sometimes release a Beta version of the Shoutbox. This is clearly marked on the Download page, so please remember that it should not be used for production websites. If you would like to test it, please feel free and any bugs or suggestions should be submitted to out Github Issue Tracker